Crossdressing club for heterosexual couples
This is not an adult site nor do we link to adult sites.
Crossdressing club for heterosexual couples
A Crossdressing club for heterosexual couples that are married or in a commited relationship

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Cross Dresser looks changing


For a Ladies Night Out, it's Ladies Knight Out
If you are a heterosexual cross dresser this may be the group for you
Do not feel alone. Do not feel ashamed. Let those feelings go!

LKO is a support and social organization focused on the needs of crossdressers and their spouses or significant others, children and friends.

We welcome you to our website where you can:

   • Learn about us

   • Dispel myths and misunderstandings associated with misperceptions of gender-gifted persons

   • Respond to our invitation to come join our group.

Who Am I
Who am I, that's plain to see,
When someone decides to look at me,
They see someone they want to see,
But is that truly really me

Cross dressing represents an action or a behavior without attributing or proposing causes for that behavior.

I try to conform to society,
Where they refer to me as ‘he’,
But part of me wants to disagree,
And be able to say ‘this is she!’

You may not be able to totally agree,
With my desire for femininity,
So I’ll try to be what you want me to be,
But is that truly really me?

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